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Absolute winner of the FIA ETRC 2019 Grammer Cup!

Oly first entered the world of motorsport in the age of 10, when he got taste of Racing in karts. 2009 Marked his switch to racing trucks. In the following years, Janes trucksport became a successful team in the second division of the British Truck Racing Championship. In 2013 began the cooperation with the Buggyra racing team which meant switching to the Buggyra Freightliner racing truck and move to the faster first division of the British Truck Racing Championship. In 2017, the team introduced a new racing special the BUGGYRA FAT FOX, with which they secured their first victory in the 1st division. In 2018 he completed the first season in the European Championship, where he took 3rd overall in the rookies category. In the FIA TRC 2019 season, Oly earned his life success when he became the absolute winner of the Grammer Cup! In 2020 he again represents the colours of Buggyra in the British Truck Racing Championship.

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