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Petr "Blind Bandit" Haluška


Petr has been blind since birth, but he still likes challenges that are unusual and original. Despite his handicap, he is a Motorsport fan and he had one big unfulfilled dream. He says that he likes to motivate people around him and he wanted to show that being blind is not limiting, but it can actually open new doors. So, he decided to learn how to drive a car and take it to a real circuit. In May 2020, after several training sessions on racing simulators, Petr sat behind the streeing wheel of real-life Renault Clio and have set a new Autodrom Most track record for a blind person with the time of 4 minutes and 42 seconds and top speed of 101 kph. Not enough for Peter though.  As soon as he got out of the car, he started on planning how to improve the navigation system so that he could go even faster. But the ‘Blind Bandit’ doesn’t stop there, he got a taste for the Buggyra racetruck and plans to set a record in that too.


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