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Marek Pitaš - 24.08.2020

12 trophies for Buggyra!

Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing had a successful weekend in the ESET V4 Cup at Slovakia Ring. First, David Vršecký took two individual races in a GT3 category, then he added one with Tomáš Enge, and after that, it was time for Buggyra Academy drivers to shine. Yasmeen Koloc took TOP 3 finishes with Renault Clio RS and then even the first victory, together with Téo Calvet in an endurance race.


12 trophies for Buggyra!

David Vršecký faced a difficult task. In Spring, he switched from trucks to a GT3 category and now there was his first-ever international race. “I never particularly liked Slovakia Ring with a truck, but it’s completely the opposite with a GT car! I’m excited about how this car works! Thanks to the setup by Jaroslav Janiš, and advice from Tomáš, I was able to extract the maximum out of the car and that was very useful. In the endurance race, I had to watch my mirrors all the time and I fought for every centimetre of the track,” shared the two-time European truck racing champion his excitement.



On the other hand, Yasmeen Koloc had 5 races to go through. “I never had so many races in just 2 days before. It was very difficult, but I had great support from the team, and I was motivated by previous podiums,” said Yasmeen. Together with Téo Calvet they even manage to win an endurance race in their category. “It was my first experience with a Renault Clio. Also, I was a bit nervous about the drivers’ swaps halfway through the race, in case something would go wrong. Luckily, Yasmeen gave me the car in an excellent position, so I just managed my pace and it was enough for a win,” said a very happy team owner Martin Koloc.


And the Buggyra Zero Mileage team really do not have much time to rest, as their busy schedule continues this weekend with Aliyyah Koloc’s first race in trucks. Autodrom Most hosts the opening round of this year’s European Truck Racing Championship season and with Aliyyah, the team also brings Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet.

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