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A Cup for Lukáš

A Cup for Lukáš

A good thing was accomplished. David Vršecký finished the good piece of work from the super pole, finally ranking second in the cup race.

The ninth Yuri Jegorov scored for the first time in his career. But unfortunately the podium offered a rare show. Neither David nor the victorious Albacete enjoyed the traditional ritual of the winners with opening a bottle of champagne. "Antonio does not celebrate because of the victims of the train accident and Buggyra due to the tragic death of Lukáš Hanžl. The cup is his in fact," said David Vršecký after the race. The race itself developed quite dramatically, when after the third lap it had to be interrupted because of the collision between Kiss and Lacko, after which their racing specials were left motionless on the circuit. "I was not very happy about that, for I had started well and rode behind Antonio. On the other hand I believed in myself quite a lot," said David in reaction to the interrupted race. He justified his belief in the following eleven laps which he finished with the second rank behind the winning Albacete. "Of course I am satisfied, for I was only defeated by Antonio. Unfortunately, there will be no team celebration because of what happened to Lukáš, which was a memento for us to realize that there are things more important than scores, trucks and cups..."

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