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A Double for Buggyra on Domestic Circuit! Vršecký Wins over Lacko

A Double for Buggyra on Domestic Circuit! Vršecký Wins over Lacko

The third cup race brought the best result of the season to the Czech team, when in the man cup race of Sunday David Vršecký and Adam Lacko ranked first and second, respectively. Thus Buggyra obtained the full score in the Constructors Cup.

Despite the continuous morning rain the main tribune and the audience slope were crowded with viewers. And the water clearly rained luck to the Czech colours. As soon as in the time practice the quickest lap time belonged to Adam Lacko and the second best to David Vršecký. Although in the Super Pole Norbert Kiss was better than the Buggyra pilots, he was disqualified after a technical check.

Thus the Buggyra team occupied the first row of the starting grid in the main cup race of Sunday in the order David Vršecký, Adam Lacko. The start of the race was postponed due to an oil stain in the last curve and eventually was guided by yellow flags. But already from the second lap a full-blooded race began. Vršecký and Lacko held their ranks without major problems, only Lacko had to defend himself against attacks of Jochen Hahn in the course of the first laps. Adam succeeded and Hahn then had problems with the fourth Antonio Albacete for the rest of the race.

Thus in the last laps of the race the struggle for the victory took place between team mates. There was a moment when the attacks of Adam Lacko reminded of situations of team mates in the Formula 1 championship. However, both Lacko and Vršecký maintained cool heads and controlled the race from the start to the finish. "What I already wished yesterday has been achieved today! A double on the domestic ground, what more can one wish. It is absolutely fantastic. I had problems on the oil stain in the last curve of the circuit but Adam excellently guarded my back,“ said Vršecký after the race. "It was very difficult for I saw David was slightly losing in the final part of the circuit. Jochen kept pressing on me but I managed him. Eventually David and I left the others slightly behind and controlled our victory easily. But we will have a very difficult situation in the last race," said the second ranking Lacko on the podium.

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