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A Dreamy Start!

A Dreamy Start!

To jump forward by fifteen ranks in the course of a single lap and end at the podium after start from the last row is nothing unimaginable for David Vršecký, as was shown after start of the second cup race in Jarama, Spain!!! It needs to be said that the first miracle was performed by the mechanics who managed to make his Buggyra operational in the short break between the two races. "When I saw the boys toiling in the 30 degrees C I said to myself that I would try to achieve the impossible.

But to tell the truth, I did not believe much that I would manage,” said the happy Vršecký after the race. "I do not remember such a good start before. I had a feeling of sitting on a cannon ball. "After the fourth of the total twelve laps David already ranked fifth and could begin to plan for an attack on the podium. "I said to myself that to beat Jochen and Antonio who took the lead would be unrealistic but the third rank might be possible," admitted David, who was helped to the podium by technical problems of Jochen Hahn. Immediately after the race he could not believe his placement among the best three. "I have already experienced a lot but I have not run such a crazy race before.”

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