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A Race with Elements of Horror!

A Race with Elements of Horror!

This was David Vršecký´s characteristic of the handicap race in which he eventually ranked seventh after its miserable progress. Uwe Nittel could not complete the race for a technical problem.

All essential happened in the opening stage of the race, as concerns the European champion. The Spaniard Mariezcurrena starting in front of him could not manage the start and David had to face two variants. The first was to leave the track and the second to head for a most probable collision. “I reacted in time to save the truck. However, after six more curves I already ranked sixth, followed for example by Albacete, who was better off at his domestic track than me," described David the progress of the race. In the second round Albacete overtook him and Östreich followed in the last but one round. "After Adam ´s overtake I felt it might work. But immediately after that I had to take into account problems with tyres. I somehow slid to the finish. My day was quite crazy today.” David ´s overall ranking is fourth position after today (39 score points). The second Buggyra driver Uwe Nittel held the scored tenth ranking for a long time. In the tenth round, however, technical problems came and when he was entering the last, twelfth round the German newcomer had to give up the race. "I wanted to reach the finish but the technology was against. But this is one of the features of our sport. I cannot say to be disappointed after today at all," described Uwe his first impressions of the first racing day with Buggyra.

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