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A Round Away from Bronze...

A Round Away from Bronze...

One more round and David Vršecký would have rejoiced at the second rostrum in Albacete in a single day. But even the fourth rank in a handicap race has its value.

Uwe Nittel scored another point. The defender of the champion title, in his own words, really enjoyed the handicap race. "When I watched in the beginning how the strong quarter Albacete-Bösiger-Ostreich-Hahn were getting in front of me, my feelings were not very good. I ranked ninth but it was only the beginning of the race," said David after the race. However, in the course of the final race of the weekend he overtook five truckers including Hahn and Östreich. "I must repeat that we have done a lot of work with the truck, which inevitably resulted in overtaking Jochen and Markus. When I approached Janiec, I could see how the vision of the winners´ rostrum made him nervous. But suddenly the race ended. What a pity." Uwe Nittel scored a point for the tenth rank and his words were words of satisfaction. "When David estimated that I could rank around tenth on my first racing weekend I took his words as a politeness. Eventually his estimates more or less came true. Truck racing standards are very high. I firmly believe this was not my last encounter with Buggyra," confirmed the German trucker at the end of the race.

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