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Petr Bošnakov - 09.09.2020

A shock for Buggyra!

But this time, it is actually a shock in the best possible way. Why? Aliyyah Koloc, the youngest and the fastest trucker in the world, was supposed to just learn this season. But the reality is different as the girl is changing everything. And team’s strategists, including two European champions, agree.


A shock for Buggyra!

Aliyyah managed to score points in her first-ever race at Most while beating a three-time European champion Antonio Albaceto. On Sunday, she even won one of the French national championship races, beating Anthony Janiec, a winner of several European championship races and a TOP 10 driver. “When I was watching the race on Sunday, it blew my mind. Seeing what Alliyah is doing, that is incredible. In just one week, she managed to deal with two very different circuits. While Most is a rhythmic and a pretty easy-going track, Nogaro is for drivers, who can ‘send it there’ and while we had a technical advantage, Aliyyah was facing local drivers who know the circuit and they surely wanted to show themselves,” said her mentor David Vršecký.


And these are also positive things to deal with for her father. “I watched her winning drive from Nogaro at least 10 times. Despite it’s such a tricky circuit, Aliyyah didn’t make basically any mistake, which shows her ability to stay fully focused throughout the whole race,” said Martin Koloc.

“We’ve agreed with David and Adam that Aliyyah pretty much skipped the joy that you’re supposed to get for every single point that you score. We need to explain to her that David had to wait 6 races for his first points, and it wasn’t until 3rd season when he got his first win. So, let’s say she fails to score points at Le Mans or Jamara, if she has a good feeling about her drive, it’s alright, because she’s got so much time ahead of her.”

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