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A Successful General Rehearsal!

A Successful General Rehearsal!

Today was a testing day for the Buggyra International Racing System team. The testing took place at the Most circuit.

When it ended the main actors could not hide their satisfaction. However, they missed Chris Levett, who had to recall his participation at the testing at the last moment for family reasons. David Vršecký thus raced both Buggyras around. "I like testing so I did not mind. I only had to adapt the inside of Chris ´s cab a little due to our different statures," commented David on the progress of the testing. "We are satisfied, for the changes of the chassis and the new engine configuration have proved to be good. The successful struggle for every hundredth of a second continues." Robin Dolejš will work on the obtained telemetric data for the rest of the day, while tomorrow the last adaptations of both trucks will take place. "Chris has given us the “GO AHEAD” but we will talk on the phone in the evening nevertheless. Unless a catastrophe happens we will manage everything in time tomorrow. On Wednesday morning the mechanics will set off for Misano with both trucks," confirmed the racing engineer of Buggyra.

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