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A Successful Super Pole

A Successful Super Pole

A couple of free trainings and one time practice opened the fifth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship at the Nürburgring today. David Vršecký introduced himself in a very good light on the first day of the racing weekend.

The fifth top pilot of the interim ranking was not even discouraged by the malicious clouds traditionally gathering over the circuit. He achieved the second and the third best lap time in the free practices, again confirming that his Buggyra was the only truck able to compete with the speed of the MAN specials. He then advanced to the super pole without any trouble with the eighth best lap time. "I needed to try something, ad in addition the first curve is fairly slippery. But I firmly believe that I will rank better in the super pole," stated David before the duel of the best ten. Then he soon proved to his competitors that this self-confident statement was based on realistic assumptions. He quickly improved his best lap time. Before the last lap his result still looked like the third best ranking. But then the mightily finishing Jochen Hahn overtook our pilot. Despite that David did not hide satisfaction after the practice. "I achieved quicker lap time than the winner of two cup races and will start side by side with the current European champion. So far so good."

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