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A Triumph in the End!

A Triumph in the End!

Excellent was the performance of David Vršecký in the last cup race of the Most Grand Prix on Sunday. The European Champion won the handicap race over Antonio Albacete and Chris Levett.

Like yesterday David had an excellent start and took the lead as soon as in course of the second round. In the course of the remaining eleven rounds he had to resolve two issues. One was the condition of the tyres and the other the ranking of the leader of the interim ranking Antonio Albacete. "The tyres worked within the limits and I believed they would endure the race. Antonio was a more difficult nut to crack, as he ranked second in the end," stated David on the failure of his “allies” in his struggle against Albacete. Markus ´s hopes for a good ranking faded at the very beginning of the race when he collided with another trucker and continuously dropped more and more within the starting field. Jochen Hahn did his best, which was evidenced by the penalisation in the last round of the race for excessively aggressive driving. "I did not experience a weekend like that before. I won three of the four races and ranked third once and scored 52 points. Despite that I lost one point in my duel with Antonio in the end. But I cannot be dissatisfied. I hope something will happen in the end." Markus Bösiger, who was accompanied by technical problems throughout the race, eventually ranked twelfth. He refused to comment on the race.

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