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Petr Bosnakov - 25.06.2021

A very different Nürburgring 2021

The European Truck Racing Championship will continue on July 16-17 at Nürburgring, and hopefully, it is going to be already a post-COVID championship. Yet, the organisers have decided for one big change and the fastest European truck racing drivers will face a very different challenge this year.


A very different Nürburgring 2021

Unlike in previous years, the racing will only happen on Saturday and Sunday, with three races per day, for 50 points. Thursday and Friday will no longer be part of the schedule. “Each day is going to start with practice sessions, followed by a super pole. After that, it’s a classic Cup race and a race with a handicap. But after that, the race day continues with an additional race with full points,” explains Adam Lacko, who now faces 12-hour-long racing days. “I don’t see any problem in it, as I can race from morning until evening. We’re physically in very good shape and I’m sure it’s the same for Téo, but I don’t know about Aliyyah. However, for her it’s not about the physical side, but about concentration. But she can do it, I think. But it’s going to be very different for mechanics, who will have to prepare vehicles for three races. That’s why we suggested running according to the previous schedule, but with the first two races on Friday. However, we didn’t succeed.”


According to Lacko, who holds 2nd place in the championship standings, the trickiest part will be the race in the middle, with the handicap. “On Saturday, everybody knows that you have all night to fix the vehicle, and on Sunday, that you have the whole week. But this time, there will be another 20 points in the game, so it’s going to be necessary to limit the risks to the minimum. Just a point or two in exchange for not taking part in the next race, that’s not worth it,” he adds.


But the problem will be the way the organisers want to prepare the grid for Race 3. As per rules, the grid is going to be decided by the 2nd fastest lap time from the timed sessions. “At first, I thought that I just don’t understand this original solution, so I spoke to David. But I did understand it well. So, that’s why we were asking about it, because the timed sessions, including a super pole, run on a single lap. So, they will be choosing from the slow laps? I guess we made it a bit tricky for them.”


This unusual decision comes from an effort, to have enough races so another potential COVID wave does not halt the championship again and they can award a proper European championship title this year. “It’s true, that in Autumn, the championship moves to Belgium, France, Spain and Italy and you never know. I’m confident that we’re going to do every single race this year, but you’ve got to be careful,” says Adam Lacko.

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