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A Very Good Piece of Work!

A Very Good Piece of Work!

Just one rank up and David Vršecký would have climbed the winners´ rostrum in the cup race at Misano! Chris Levett also scored, ranking seventh and thus winning the first row at the start of the handicap race!

Although the fourth rank is usually not very popular among racers David was happy with the result. “I am glad for the ten score points after what happened yesterday. In the course of the time practice something was rattling in the truck and so I entered the race with certain apprehension,” revealed David after the race. The double European champion made use of the starting collision of the pair Lacko-Östreich and squeezed his truck to the fourth rank after Markus Bösiger. "At that time I said to myself that perhaps I had a little good luck for the first time since the start of the championship after all. I had information from the pits that my lap times were the same as Markus ´s, and several times I reached his level. Nevertheless I did not know the technical condition of the truck and so instead of a vigorous attack I chose a compromise in the form of finishing the race. I am satisfied and I would like to thank the mechanics once again," added David in the finish. Chris Levett ranked fifth after the first lap, and in the following laps he was overtaken by Nittel and Lacko, eventually raking seventh then. “It could have been better, but on the other hand, every point scores. I will start the last race of the weekend from the first row and I am ready to fight hard,” said Chris in the pits.

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