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Achievements of Chris Levett!

Achievements of Chris Levett!

Although the newcomer to the Buggyra team has not scored so many successes as his predecessors Körber, Vršecký or Bösiger, he still achieved a lot of remarkable results in the past four seasons. Chris Levett´s first race of the European Race Truck Championship was Barcelona 2007.

He scored his first point in the course of that racing weekend, ranking tenth in the Sunday qualifying race. Spain has been the lucky country for Chris, as in Jarama in the racing season 2009 he obtained his record number of points per racing weekend. Thanks to one second and three third ranks he scored together 44 points that weekend. Chris also climbed the winners´ rostrum in his very first truck racing season, ranking third in the Sunday cup race in Most. His first cup race victory came last season at Nürburgring on Saturday. His triumph was also preceded by his first pole position. His second cup victory came in Le Mans. But before that he achieved his first victory in the handicap race, again in Most. As for the overall results, Chris ´s best season so far has been 2009, when his overall result was fifth rank. A year later he obtained his so far most valuable trophy, when together with Antonio Albacete they became winners of the Constructors´ Cup.

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