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Petr Bosnakov - 16.03.2021

Adam Lacko always remains an optimist

Despite Adam Lacko did not get a chance to enjoy the European championship crown, even though he won several races, he is definitely not giving up on truck racing just yet.


Adam Lacko always remains an optimist

Up until the moment the coronavirus took over the world, and also unsuccessfully tried to conquer Adam, the 2017 European truck racing champion, was a regular visitor to a fitness centre. “We used to train with Aliyyah, and Yasmeen together, but then came the COVID. The first four days weren’t good, but then it went away, so just mild symptoms. Now, I’m training at home because it’s always good to stay in shape. Also, son Nicolas has not been racing for a year now, so we’re training together. I’m jealous of his metabolism,” says Lacko with laughter.


But Adam still remains in touch with the Buggyra Technology Centre.“There’s a general consensus that the car was very good last year, but it could be even better. We’re going to try some new parts. Let’s wait and see how it’s going to pan out during the testing, hopefully, it’s going to be alright,” hopes Adam, who had to skip the testing in Nogaro, just like the rest of the team apart from Téo Calvet. “Of course, they won’t let us in France right now. The next testing should run with Jochen Hahn in Most on April 20th, but it depends on how it’s going to look like at the borders. On the other hand, we don’t need him for the testing itself anyway.


Even despite the experience from the last year, Adam remains an optimist. “It’s definitely moved in some direction over the past year. The season should begin at the end of May in Italy, so we’ll see. As far as I know, the tickets are being sold for Nürburgring and Hungaroring, so I hope that it’s going to end well.“

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