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Petr Bosnakov - 25.05.2021

Adam Lacko: Fans want to see battles and we’re going to provide them!

As the official website informs, the 6-time European champion Jochen Hahn is ready to add more. And the Buggyra team responds.


Adam Lacko: Fans want to see battles and we’re going to provide them!

The European Truck Racing Championship begins on June 12-13 at Hungaroring. And one of the favourites for the upcoming season will be also Adam Lacko with a Buggyra DV50 special. “I quite understand Jochen, there are never enough championship titles. And I won’t make it a secret – if I don’t win the championship, which I hope I will, I wish it to him, because he’s a great man,” says the 2017 European champion, who also warns about Norbert Kiss, another big favourite. “After experimenting with Mercedes, he has returned to MAN last year. And he was fairly quick. If I’m right, he’s driving a special that he got from Jochen after the 2012 season. As far as I know, he’s still a bit sick when he remembers how he gave away his top-tier special to his biggest competitor who has taken away two championship titles from him.”


According to Adam, Hahn and Kiss are just as fast. But the Hungarian driver is not as popular. “Everybody has got something. Norbert has a great racing engineer, and he has an advantage that Hungaroring is owned by the state enterprise that supports him, so he’s got pretty much unlimited testing opportunity on a very difficult race track.”


But Adam also believes that apart from him, Hahn and Kiss, there will be also another big favourite – Sasha Lenz. “I’d not be worried to call Sasha as a dark horse of the championship. Last year’s season was much shorter, but it already showed that he can push and he has no problems with the favourites,” adds Adam, but he enjoys that there are more championship favourites. “I’m not talking now just as Adam Lacko, the driver, but also as someone, who is interested in the future of truck racing. After the last year, we’re having sort of a restart for everything. Fans, who are the most important factor, will be hungry for tight but fair battles and it’s up to us to provide them.”

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