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Marek Bernard - 02.06.2020

Adam Lacko, first test on wet and first-time with DV50

Buggyra Racing keeps testing its racing specials ahead of the upcoming season. In full force with Enge, Vršecký, their Mercedes AMG GT3, Libor Dvořáček in Mičánek Motorsports Lamborghini Huracan ST and new Buggyra Academy Formula 4 and for the first time ever the new DV50 racetruck alongside the last years VK50.


Adam Lacko, first test on wet and first-time with DV50

After a 14-day compulsory quarantine, Adam Lacko also joined the team. “It’s my first testing this season. After 8 months, I’m finally back in the truck and I’m so happy. As always, it all looks so good at the beginning of the season. But let’s wait and see in the real racing. We keep trying something new, so I think that we can improve even more,” said Adam Lacko.


The first day of testing was affected by heavy rain, but not even these tough conditions would take away Lacko’s happiness as he got back to his favourite thing. “I’m glad to be finally back behind the wheel. The waiting was so long, also due to the coronavirus. Unfortunately, they closed borders just when I got to Spain and I got stuck there. But that happens. Now, it’s finally my time. I’m so happy and excited about it,” added the 2007 European champion.


But it was not the first testing just for Adam. The brand-new truck DV50 also had its debut. “The 2nd day of testing is over. On the 1st day, we were a bit unsure whether we’ve chosen the right direction, but after Day 2 we see an improvement in the lap times. And I’m glad that Adam prefers the DV truck more. After the VK was built, we kept doing more and more modifications throughout the last season. It was a pretty wild truck to tame. The DV is based on the earlier version of the truck. So, I’m pretty happy so far. We’re still at the beginning and there’s a lot of work ahead. We can improve even more,” said the Buggyra chief designer David Vršecký about DV50.



Lamborghini Huracan ST, piloted by Libor Dvořáček, was also present at the Most autodrome. "After a long time, I had the opportunity to test with our car again. We slowly got into it in the first laps. But at the end, I was satisfied with the times, "said Dvořáček." Our home circuit is Automotodrom Brno, where we know it very well. That is why we are happy to take every opportunity to test elsewhere," commented Jiří Mičánek, manager of the Mičánek Motorsport team.


Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team also had its debut with a Mercedes-AMG GT3. “We tried several setups, which allowed us to understand this 600 bhp car with a front engine and a rear-wheel-drive even more. It’s a pretty special car. We’ve done 2,500 testing kilometres, which I think is unique for Europe. After some small adjustments, it’s better and easier to read. And it has slightly more grip,” said Tomáš Enge about the AMG GT3 car.


“I’ve just finished, and I’ve improved my time. Of course, I’m still behind Tomáš. Each of us is good at different parts of the track. While I’m better in the first half, Tomáš is focused more in the 2nd part. So it would be ideal, if we could switch halfway through. We would have a mega lap time!” said Vršecký, who is the 2nd GT3 driver in the team. And while it is not easy for the team to run several programmes at the same time with trucks, GT3s and single-seaters, according to Enge, the team runs like a well-oiled machine. “We’re all like a team. Whether it’s a GT section, single-seaters – we have a brand-new Formula 4 for our Academy – or truck racing, it’s always one team. And I’m really glad to be working with Buggyra,” said Edge.

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