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Petr Bosnakov - 12.10.2021

Adam Lacko: Sometimes everything is possible

This year's European Truck Championship season will end with a race at Misano. While Norbert Kiss's third title is more or less a reality due to his big lead, Adam Lacko is only three points behind second-placed Sasha Lenz. He will therefore go to Italy with a silver strategy.


Adam Lacko: Sometimes everything is possible

The basis of this strategy is to do every race as well as possible. "It can still be very interesting. Purely theoretically I am still in contention for the title and I can also finish fifth, sometimes anything is possible, but with a probability bordering on certainty it will be about my duel with young Lenz for second place.Sasha has already outdone himself this year, he'll be pumped," says Adam, adding that the Kiss - Lenz pairing has the same MAN engines that have made the slightly declining marque almost unbeatable in recent seasons.  "Their engines have tremendous power, Norbert is an absolute driving star, while Sasha is learning every race. And so, surprisingly, Jochen has dropped out of contention for the podium, having somehow failed to get off to a good start and, with only six races this year after the Nürburgring dropped out, is on the verge of his worst result in a decade."

On the other hand, Antonio Albacete could deprive Adam of his sixth overall podium finish. "With all the respect and esteem I have for Antonio - he beat me in the 2019 season, after all - I'll keep my lead of thirty-two points. Besides, I like Misano, the circuit suits me. After Jarama, we had time to sit down and think about the setup, because the last two super fields on Saturday didn't work out so well. But, hopefully it will be better," says Adam. 


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