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Luboš Veselý - 06.10.2019

Adam Lacko with VK50 Wins Bronze in Premiere Season

Adam Lacko with VK50 Wins Bronze in Premiere Season

The riddle is resolved. Despite the outspoken victory in the third race Adam Lacko´s overall ranking is bronze. However, this is the first great success with the new racing model VK50. Oly Janes secures victory in the Grammer Cup on the first racing day already. The Buggyra Racing team can also celebrate the third rank in the Constructors´ Cup.




The opening time practice of the weekend was not exactly what Adam Lacko hoped for, with the fifth quickest lap time. I expected a better result but this will have to do in the race. The start will be most important, I hope I might get in front Antonio and reduce my loss after him. We will see,“ said Lacko before the first race of the weekend.


Oly Janes secured for himself start of the first race from the sixth row. “Pity, a tiny little bid and I could have been in the super pole again. But the eleventh quickest lap time is a good result. I am looking forward to the race.“



Adam Lacko did not improve his starting position in the course of the race and ranked fifth in the finish as well. “I did not have many chances to advance forward after start. There was no gap for me. I got stuck after Steffi and even though I attacked her for the whole twelve laps she held her rank firmly, unfortunately. I must hope for a success in the second race.“


Oly Janes, duelling with Anderson for overall victory in the Grammer Cup, ranked twelfth in the opening race of the weekend. “Although it may not look like satisfaction considering the result, I am satisfied. Overall twelfth rank, and silver rank in the Grammer Cup classification. If I manage to win the next race I will be the overall winner,“ wished Oly, winning the two hundredth silver cup for Buggyra since.



The second cup race was interrupted right after the first lap after Jamie Anderson´s flying off the track in full speed. After restart Adam Lacko worked hard and won the second race. “Pity that the race had to be interrupted, I was already in the lead then. I worked hard to regain the lead after the restart and although it took me a little more time I did in the end. Then I only had to watch for Kiss behind me and avoid any risk. Finally I succeeded and that pleases me a lot,“ described Lacko his feelings. He loses eight points after Albacete before the last racing day of the season.


Oly Janes scored his life success, winning the gold cup in the Grammer Cup scoring in the second race, thus becoming the absolute Grammer Cup winner even before the last racing day. ”I am happy. I have met my goal set before the season. This was another hard race with a lot of duels. I put everything in it. The truck looks like after a big battle, but that is not important right now. I look forward to tomorrow´s races, which I can already enjoy without tense nerves.“



Yesterday, late at night, bad news arrived from the tower. Adam Lacko received additional ten-second penalisation for his duel with René Reinert in the second race, which moved him from the first to the sixth rank. “Of course I am annoyed, but I can do nothing about it. I certainly do not give up anything yet. There are two last races tomorrow and anything can happen. I have to struggle on,“ said Adam.



What the still acting European vice-champion said so he did in the time practice. His quickest lap time secured him the second pole position of the season. “This is a pleasant warm up after the cold shower in the morning. I am looking forward to the race. I will put all I am able to in it. I hope for a little bit of good luck today as well,“ hoped Adam.


Oly Janes ended the last time practice of the season with the thirteenth best lap time. “This was my standard of this season. In the race I will already be absolutely calm, and I hope for some decent result. Every cup counts.“



Adam Lacko won the third cup race of the weekend in the start – finish manner, thus adding a second triumph in the main cup races of this season. “The chances for the silver rank are still alive. I managed to start well and keep Hahn behind me. He kept attacking me throughout the race and I had a difficult position sometimes but all ended up well in the end. I have managed to reduce Antonio´s advantage a little bit, we would have the same score now it if had not been for the yesterday´s penalisation. But there is no “what if” here. The last race will be a great battle between the two of us, we will see who will be the luckier one.“


The fresh winner of the Grammer Cup did not finish the third race. “I do not know what happened, but the truck suddenly stopped working and I had to withdraw from the race. Now the boys have to look at it, I hope they can do something about it before the last race,“ said Oly Janes.



The battle is at an end. Adam Lacko did not win over Albacete racing in an excellent form on his domestic ground. Thus Adam takes the third rank in the premiere season with the new VK50. “I struggled till the last moment indeed. Pity that in the duel with Citignola I lost a little and Antonio left me behind a little. Unfortunately, I did not manage to reduce the loss anymore and attempt at the impossible once again,“ assessed Lacko the last race. “When I look back at the whole season I see the third overall rank a big success. I raced with a brand new truck and had to cure its child diseases in the course of the season. The “VK” hides a big potential and I feel we will be even stronger in the next season,“ said the bronze cup holder Lacko.


Oly Janes finally ranked eleventh. “Thirst of all I have to thank the boys for putting my truck together again after the third race. This was a hard struggle, nobody giving anything to anybody for free. I caught quite a lot of hits there. The final result was eleventh rank. I am satisfied with the season as a whole. I have managed to meet the goal set before the season, to win the Grammer Cup. Only the overall ranking among the Top Ten has not been achieved yet but you cannot take everything at once. I will keep this challenge for the following seasons,“ said Janes, ranking eleventh in the overall ranking with the loss of 12 points after the Top 10.

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