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Luboš Veselý - 06.01.2019

Administrative Complete! Tatra Buggyra Racing Team Ready to Start!

Administrative Complete! Tatra Buggyra Racing Team Ready to Start!

The Tatra Buggyra Racing team has successfully completed the prolonged but necessary administrative obligations before start. All technology passed without complications and is prepared for the opening podium ceremony!


“The administrative acceptance is a long and tiring process. A lot of people, a lot of stamps needed to be permitted to start,“ said the team manager Jan Kalivoda about the psychic demand of the day. “Today was endless but now everything is successfully done. All our technology passed without any problem. Now just the opening ceremony, starting on Sunday after lunch, and on Monday the actual start, which we are all looking forward to,“ he added.


Both Tatra Phoenix trucks passed the technical acceptance tests and are prepared to start. “After landing we immediately started work on the truck and repaired a couple of little defects caused by the air transport from Europe. They were nothing to complicate our lives, though. We managed and tested all and today successfully passed the acceptance procedure. We are permitted to start,“ said the happy engineering director of the Roudnice technology centre Robin Dolejš.


“This day is always very long. Everybody needs to undergo this administrative process and there are queues everywhere. It is more killing than the race itself. But you can do nothing, all the stamps are necessary and without them you are not allowed to start. Now we are through all that and are looking forward to the beginning,“ said Martin Kolomý.


Martin Šoltys also sighed with relief that this day s successfully over. “Paperwork finished at last, now we can fully concentrate on the racing part. I am looking forward to tomorrow´s podium, last year there were real crowds there who create an excellent atmosphere,“ said the pilot of Tatra starting number 515 with great expectations.


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