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Petr Bosnakov - 07.05.2021

After Hungaroring, Buggyra will head to Slovakia

After Hungaroring, the team is preparing for Slovakiaring that hosts the next round of the prestigious ESET Cup Series. The team will be represented by David Vršecký and Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc as well.


After Hungaroring, Buggyra will head to Slovakia

Just like at Hungaroring, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 special will be driven by David Vršecký and Aliyyah Koloc. “Who wouldn’t want to drive such a perfect car? Even though at Slovakia, it’s going to be much more about Aliyyah, who is also adding another series to her already busy schedule – she’s preparing for a Chinese GT3 championship as well. I’m expecting a lot of fun,” said David. 


Aliyyah Koloc, who has just recently joined the AVL Racing ambassador project, cannot complain about having too little to do. After testing a Can-Am DV21 in Saudi Arabia and UAE, she travelled to Hungaroring to drive a Mercedes-AMG GT3 and then truck testing at Most. After that, she had to go to Nogaro, where Aliyyah drove behind the wheel of a Buggyra truck. “I’m feeling great! Tennis offered still the same, so in comparison, it was pretty dull. Maybe it’s all because I’m changing vehicles. Also, it looks like I’m moving up in the teams’ hierarchy, as at Nogaro, Adam spoke to me about truck setup,” laughed the fastest truck racing driver in history. “David, who is a European champion, will be driving with me in Slovakia. What else could I wish for?”


Meanwhile, her sister Yasmeen Koloc is going to drive a Renault Clio. However, this time Téo Calvet is staying in France. “There’s nothing we can do. While I’m not as busy as Aliyyah, I agree that tennis in comparison with racing is pretty dull and all you can do is throw the racket on the ground. Formula 4 and Clio offer much more adrenaline,” she added. 

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