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Petr Bošnakov - 25.06.2020

Aliyyah can go 300 kph!

That is at least what the Buggyra Racing team members have agreed on after Wednesday’s record-breaking motorsport event at the airport at Panenský Týnec.


Aliyyah can go 300 kph!

David Vršecký, the current world record holder on 1 kilometre with a rolling start, believed in Aliyyah throughout all the preparations. Yet, he was surprised by the way she broke the top speed world record in both runs with a standing and a rolling start. “Just the fact that Aliyyah decided to do it, despite having zero previous experience, deserves huge respect. All the practice starts and accelerations went well at Most, but the real attempt is a different thing. While it’s true that after 285 kph every additional kilometre hurts, she’s definitely capable of 300 kph.” And the team engineer Robin Dolejš also believes that the magical milestone of 300 kph will be achieved by Buggyra. “Aliyyah threw down the glove. Everybody, who might try to break this record, will be now risking to lose with a 15-year-old girl.”


Tomáš Enge, the only Czech driver in F1 and a 24-hour Le Mans winner, also had only positives to say. “I admire how she handled it mentally. She went into it knowing that there were huge financial investments behind it and the whole team was working for it until the last moment. She tackled the huge pressure and never broke down. David is right, a huge admiration is in place.”


And even her current team-mates had something to say about breaking the top speed records. “Huge congratulations. While I don’t have any previous experience with such events, I know that even a little mistake could destroy everything. Despite her age, Aliyyah has shown a strong mentality, and I hope she can bring it to the circuit as well,” said the European champion Adam Lacko.


“Fantastic job! And such a relief. To lose with the fastest girl in the world wouldn’t be big a problem to me,” added laughing Téo Calvet.

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