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Petr Bošnakov - 27.04.2020

Aliyyah Koloc: I know it is worth it!

Last week, Buggyra Racing team finally broke its testing curse. Tomáš Enge, Davida Vršecký and Aliyyah Koloc tested at Most circuit. The 15-year-old is preparing for her European Truck Racing Championship debut this summer and she tested not just Adam Lacko’s truck but also a Mercedes GT3 car.


Aliyyah Koloc: I know it is worth it!

As far as I know, this is your first bigger interview about your career in Motorsport?

To be honest, I am not sure if I am in the right place to give interview. First, there should be some results and then interviews.


The reason behind this interview is a fact that you are getting ready for your first European Truck Racing Championship race and you have had a debut in the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup…

When it comes to simulators, I should have started even sooner. Especially, as I am a Zero Mileage Lubricant ambassador and to be competing against the absolute best in esports is in my job description. I really enjoyed driving the Mercedes GT car, to do 250 kph on the straight and to feel there is still something left, that is an amazing feeling and a huge adrenaline. With the truck, I already tested it at Most last year.


You are entering this season after a year of intense preparations?

I hope that will be noticeable on the results. So far, I have not gone out of the track like last year. My dad says that I should try as many racing categories as possible, as switching between them should help me in my development. So, that’s trucks, Tatra from Dakar, Can Am and Mercedes GT3. But that is not a problem for me, I like cars. Also, apart from my dad, I have also got some successful drivers around me like David Vršecký, Tomáš Enge or Adam Lacko. I can ask questions and most importantly, I am also getting answers, which is so important to me.


What is your most common question?

At the beginning, I made it all about lap times. But David explained to me, that for the driver, the most important thing is the inner feeling about your performance. It is like in tennis, where you can succeed even with a bad performance, because your opponent played even worse. But such a coincidence can happen only once or twice, and you need to realise that. My progress must be based on a feeling, that what I do, I do well, even despite some mistakes. And that makes it worth it. 


How did you feel during testing?

I felt good because there was some progress from the last year. We still have not finished our data analysis, but my dad and David say that is not as important right now. But I am extremely competitive, I want to know where I made a mistake and how can I improve.


So, considering your age, there is no need to rush?

That is what everybody around me has been saying. For this year, my goal is not to go after a super pole and bring back points. I am more realistic. However, I would like the crush the idea of Aliyyah Koloc being only a marketing project.

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