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Petr Bosnakov - 13.12.2021

Aliyyah Koloc rewrites history again

This time, it happened at the Hail International Rally that took place in Saudi Arabia last week and it was the final test for the BUGGYRA team ahead of Dakar Rally 2022. The fastest female truck racing driver did not just win the first stage on her off-road debut, but she won the national cup in the overall standings and her result would even give her a 2nd place finish in the T3 category of the FIA World Cup For Cross Country Rallies.


Aliyyah Koloc rewrites history again

But that was not everything for the Buggyra Academy in Saudi Arabia. Despite technical issues in the first and third stages, Yasmeen Koloc took a great 3rd place in the T3 category. And Téo Calvet was extraordinarily successful, as he is preparing for the Dakar Rally in January. The French driver won the first stage and finished 3rd in the Trucks category.


“I know a bit about the Buggyra Academy project, but these results have really surprised me. This team has some young drivers with amazing potential. They’re just at the beginning, but they’re already showing that very soon they can aim very high at the Dakar Rally,” confirmed the 3-time Dakar Rally winner in the Cars category Nasser Al-Attiyah, who took the overall victory at Hail International Rally with a time 10h 50m 23s.


The winner drove and listened

The 17-year-old twins on a podium – that is something that the world of Motorsport has not seen before, and it is almost certain that something like this will not happen again anytime soon.


“I knew that I’ll be navigating a 17-year-old girl with minimum rallying skills, but the result has exceeded all my expectations,” said one of the world’s most respected navigators Xavier Panseri.

“When we won the first stage, I was speachless. She is a great listener, and she took every piece of advice to the track. She never gives up and she’s a real fighter. She knows perfectly, when to use full throttle and when to take it easy. I’m pleasantly shocked by the final result. Big thanks to the team for the fantastic experience and atmosphere. I wouldn’t be afraid to go to Dakar 2023 if we do it together.”


Yasmeen Koloc’s navigator Stéphane Duple has pretty much the same opinion: “To finish 3rd in the first race is excellent. It was clear that she and her sister practiced a lot. A good start, then improvements, sometimes it was necessary to take it a bit easier, but it was great overall.”


“Of course, I’m happy, I have to thank the whole team for a fantastic job. I just drove and listened to Xavier. I kind of regret that I and Yasmeen can’t race at Dakar this January already,” confirmed the sensational winner. 


Téo can do it!

The French circuit racing champion and a successful European Truck Racing Championship driver Téo Calvet showed his amphibian skills as he switched from asphalt to sand.

“A great performance. Téo handled his debut perfectly and Ignacio will have a good teammate at Dakar,” said Martin Koloc, the team principal, who put the young French to the multiple Dakar Rally winner Josef Kalina.


“He has got racing in his blood and considering that he’s just 21-year-old, he’s got the understanding of this vehicle, that’s pretty much unknown to him. Sure, Dakar is a much difficult competition, but he’s got already more ambition than to just take part,” confirmed the legendary navigator.


“I really enjoyed it, I felt the support of the whole team and even my dad praised my performance. But I’m going to Dakar mostly to learn, and I can’t wait for it,” confirmed Téo.


Successful testing

A little bit in the shadows of the Buggyra Academy success, was Josef Macháček, the reigning T3 category Dakar winner. The team has decided to take part in the Hail International Rally only as a final test ahead of Dakar.


“Everyone knows what’s Josef capable of, so, unlike with the girls and Téo, we didn’t really have to prove anything. To do two stages, which is a half of the race, that was more than enough to test the vehicle. Of course, Josef would have wanted to continue, but we decided to let him rest a bit. We’re ready for Dakar Rally 2022,” said the chief constructor David Vršecký.

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