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Luboš Veselý - 06.01.2018

All Stamps at Home, Nothing Prevents Start!

All Stamps at Home, Nothing Prevents Start!

Long but necessary administrative chores are over for the TATRA Buggyra Racing team. All technology has passed administrative and technical checks and acceptance without complications and has been released to the parc fermé. Now the whole team can fully concentrate on the start of the jubilee 40th edition of the Dakar Rally.


Unlike the previous editions we have had absolutely no problem with the technology which disembarked without damage and let us concentrate on the most important things. We have passed the technical checks and acceptance without any complaint, have been permitted to the parc ferme and in the morning, at 10:45, the boys will set off for the first stage,“ said the development director of the Roudnice headquarters Robin Dolejš after the successful technology acceptance by the rally organizers. “I hope the following days will continue in a similarly pleasant tempo as so far,“ he added, laughing.


The length of the administrative acceptance procedure was also commented on by Jiří Štross, board mechanic of the Kolomý crew. “The check started in the morning and took about 5 hours till the afternoon, which was a little tiring. But we obtained all the required stamps without comments. I am already looking forward for the actual racing and I think I am not alone, he same feelings are among my crew as well as among the whole team,“ commented Stross.


The first acceptance checks in their life were also undergone by the Adria team headed by the pilot Pavel Vrňák. “All passed without problems. All in my crew are high-spirited, we receive briefing from our experienced partners every day. Sometimes somebody frightens us a little and others calm us down at other times. Now the only thing left is to set off for the desert and test the sand and believe that the following days will continue without major issues,” said Vrňák at the end of the day.

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