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Another Success in Silk Way Rally

Another Success in Silk Way Rally

The Gyrtech engines in the Liaz piloted by Jaroslav Valtr and the Tatra driven by Artur Ardavichus are unexpectedly successful in the Silk Way Rally. The Czech pilot ranks fifth in the interim ranking, while the Kazakhstani trucker achieved the third best stage time in the fifth section between Elista and Astrakhan in the truck category.

"Excellent," was the laconic comment on the interim results of both pilots uttered by the "father" of both Gyrtech engines, the racing engineer of Buggyra, Robin Dolejš. "When we talked with Artur in Nogaro, where he raced at the circuit in the French championship, we obviously also talked about the Silk Way Rally. He expected a lot from our engine. I am glad his expectations have been met so far. Although I have to repeat what I have already said in my comment on the so far excellent results of Jarda Valtr. The competition is very long and very demanding and really anything may happen in the course of it." Robin mainly praised the performance of Ardavichus in the sense of his ability to switch to the completely different truck concept. "Especially the chassis of Kamaz and Tatra is completely different. Artur copes with this really wonderfully."

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