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Petr Bošnakov - 30.04.2020

Apprentice Vršecký believes in improvement!

It is for the first time since 2002 that David Vršecký has to accept being number two. Back then, he was racing next to Gerd Koorber and he was at the beginning of his journey that brought him two European Truck Racing championships and a name as the fastest trucker on the continent. But he has no issues with his new role.


Apprentice Vršecký believes in improvement!

It is all because of his new challenge in driving the Mercedes-AMG GT3 car. But still, he would like to see the same outcome as in 2002. „It took only 3 races before I got on the podium in Nogaro for the first time. Then I finished 2nd in Most, 3rd in Jarama and helped Gerd to win the championship,“ said the fastest trucker in the history. While he says that he wants to race again, he adds that it is not a problem for him as there are so many test sessions available. „The original plan was that I’ll be just getting used to everything this season. On the other hand, I’m a race and I have a certain reputation. I’d not deal well with finishing at the back. Luckily, I have someone to learn from.“


While David is now an apprentice, his mentor will be none other than Tomáš Enge. „It was a bit depressing at the beginning. I was driving around and the car felt quite good. Then I got into Tomáš‘ car and after a few laps, I was on the limit. Luckily, he already has some experience and patience with older apprentices. Now, we’re waiting for some new parts so we can test our new set up. We believe in improvement.“

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