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At Least Some Points!

At Least Some Points!

The opening cup race opened the third racing weekend of this race truck championship season in Nogaro, France. David Vršecký eventually ranked sixth after a troublesome race, while Yuri Jegorov ranked fourteenth.

David started the race on the basis of the fifth rank in the super pole from the third row. From his point of view all substantial happened in the first part of the race. after start Markus Bösiger overtook him by a risky manoeuvre and thus Vršecký dropped to the seventh rank. Adam Lacko planned to make use of their duel but he made his team mate spin instead and then left the track himself. "Adam simply braked too long. I missed him at the last moment and Markus became the victim. Unfortunately he was in my way and I had nowhere to go," described David the beginning of the race. The next nearly eight laps were marked by his duel with Anthony Janiec, who defended his sixth rank by all his strength. However, in the eighth lap Anthony could not stand David ´s pressure any longer. "I think this was my worst cup race result of the season. At least I was the best non-MAN pilot of the race. Regarding the circumstances, every point counts."

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