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Attempt Interrupted by Explosion

Attempt Interrupted by Explosion

David Vršecký´s first attempt at breaking the world speed record in race truck driving for 100 km lasted some 10 minutes. When entering the tenth round the right front tyre of David ´s race truck exploded at the speed of above 200 km/hr.

"I love adrenalin, but this was a little too much," said David in the pits. "I was very lucky that the tyre exploded in the finish on the straight section of the track, in a curve it would be much more difficult to keep the vehicle on the road." At the moment of the tyre explosion David ´s average speed was 176.324 km/hr, which means the interim time better than the time of the current world record. "The truck and the trucker are OK, but our sport is about more factors than just the driver and the car." After a short discussion the team leadership decided that the next attempt would continue in the other racing special. The final decision was for David to try to break the 100 km speed record. "We have launched something no one has ever managed before. But the health and in this case perhaps even the life of the trucker are top priority for us. That is why we abandon the attempt at breaking the 500 km world speed record for now. David will try the 100 km first and we will see then," confirmed team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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