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Away Quickly!

Away Quickly!

Even though Nogaro is one of David Vršecký´s favourite circuits, this year he will not leave it with very good memories. He parted with Paul Armagnac circuit with the seventh rank in the final handicap race.

Again the starting position next to Markus Östreich did not work well for David and in addition Antonio Albacete overtook him after the start. "Pole position is on the left in Nogaro but after the first left turn there is a series of right turns. So the pole position represents virtually no advantage," explained David, who passed the finish line as the seventh. "I had Albacete, Östreich and Reinert in front of me. I believed I could manage René but unfortunately Antonio tried to overtake him for nine laps and then I had no time to prepare him correctly for overtaking." He evaluated the Nogaro mission with his usual detached view. "Every race is not a feast, but for example in the last race I ended in front of Jochen and despite the overall misery I was beat Adam in the overall ranking. So now quickly home, take a rest and start for Austria in full strength."

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