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Bad Luck in Opening Misano Race

Bad Luck in Opening Misano Race

The eighth and the tenth rank were achieved by the Buggyra pilots David Vršecký and Chris Levett in the first cup race at the Misano circuit. This meant in practice the most advantageous starting position for David in the handicap race.

But this is the end of the list of positives. David and Chris started the race from the fourth row. At the beginning Uwe Nittel did not show an appropriate starting reaction, as a consequence of which David collided with the French Janiec. “In the second lap it was clear to me that if I finished the race it would be a sheer good luck, indeed a small miracle,” described our pilot the happening after start, after which he dropped to the ninth rank. “I had great problems with brake cooling, I felt that the left wheel was the victim of the collision.”

In the course of the race David Vršecký tried to keep his truck on the track and overtake the Russian Lvov to get to the eighth rank and thus to achieve the best starting position for the handicap race. He managed both, in the latter case, paradoxically enough, at the expense of Chris Levett. His team mate started excellently and held the sixth rank. In the seventh rank he was penalised, though, for alleged start beyond the rules. “I have nothing to say to that. Perhaps only that everything bad is good for something. I only hope that David will be successful in the coming race,” commented Chris on the decision of the jury, after which he dropped to the final tenth rank. David eventually became the hero of the race, despite the ranking. The reason was that he reached the finish with his brakes nearly in flames. “I would rather amuse the audience with anything else, the whole race was a real purgatory for me. I would like to forget all about the last two laps,” said David after the race.

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