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Belief in A Better Sunday

Belief in A Better Sunday

Eighth and fifth ranks were achieved in the last race of the first day of the Zolder racing weekend by Buggyra pilots David Vršecký and Chris Levett. "I got into a collision at the start again.

I do not even know who hit me first. I believed that I had emptied my cup of bad luck in the previous race. Unfortunately, I was wrong,” said David after the race. Although he started the handicap race from the good fourth position, right after start he found himself in the second half of the starting field. "A horrible finding. But one must fight. Zolder circuit is not made for overtaking, the eighth rank is probably the maximum I could achieve. At least my truck does run well," David did not lose optimism. "Eleventh points is not a very good score, I hope tomorrow will be better." Chris Levett struggled bravely throughout the race, eventually raking fifth. "I wanted to rank among the best three, but unfortunately fortune was not on my side. On the other hand I moved forward in front of Lvov to the eighth overall rank, and so I am quite satisfied in the end," said Chris laconically.

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