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Belief in Continued Tradition!

Belief in Continued Tradition!

Never since 2002 the leader of the championship lost the title in the last race of the season. The Buggyra International Racing System team and mainly David Vršecký believe that this tradition will continue after the Jarama weekend.

The domestic track of the only rival of Vršecký in the struggle for the champion title Antonio Albacete has been a magic place for Buggyra. On the one hand the track has been one of the least successful with regard to the number of victories, as the only triumph was enjoyed in 2003 by Gerd Körber. But on the other hand in this very lions´ den Buggyra celebrated its greatest triumphs in the past two seasons – individual champion titles of Markus Bösiger and David Vršecký, plus the two victories in the Constructors´ Cup. "Even though the top truckers like David, Markus, Antonio or Jochen have tracks that suit them better, their driving technique is so good that they are able to win anywhere," says the technical director of Buggyra Mario Kress, who summoned a combat strategy meeting for this afternoon. "We will go through all data with both drivers and then we will analyse the track. This is an hour ritual taking place before every race. Even though David and Markus know Jarama perfectly, repetition is mother of wisdom." The sport director of the team Jan Kalivoda will be active throughout the racing weekend. Even though the main actors of the struggle for the champion title believe in fair and objective progress of the last race, fortune favours the prepared. "As for the rules there is nothing that could surprise us. I do not think the weekend has extensive meetings in stock for us. The title will be decided among the two best truckers of the present and past European champions and all will be decided on the track, not at the meeting table," guesses Honza. "So far FIA has been more or less precise in its decisions. We believe things will not change over the weekend."

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