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Best Races? Nogaro and Barcelona!

Best Races? Nogaro and Barcelona!

As the Truck Racing Magazine, after a long period of silence, has renewed the series of articles on races that made the truck racing history, the Buggyra truckers David Vršecký and Markus Bösiger have been asked about the most important race of their to date career in this context! Surprisingly enough, the acting European Champion David Vršecký has not decided for Nürburgring, where he celebrated his very first victory in 2003.

Even Jarama, where he reached for his champion title last season, has been thrown over! The Roudnice trucker values most the third rank at the Nogaro track in 2002. And not only because on the basis of that result the team photographer Petr Bér had to run through the finish naked with the Czech flag in his hand. "In fact I was returning to the racing world after three years, in addition right to the Super Race Truck class. And although I was hiding it carefully, I was stunned by everything. Martin Koloc told me to take it easy, but you know, easier said than done," remembers David. "In Nogaro I first defeated Gerd and mainly Harri Luostarinen, whom I had taken as the race truck God before. At that moment I realized that I might achieve something in this field one day." It is obviously interesting enough that the decisive race mentioned by Vršecký above was won by Markus Bösiger with a Tatra racing special. "I remember that the second rank was occupied by my team colleague Alain Ferté, whom I asked on the winners´ rostrum who the third rank boy was. He said he did not know him," remembers Bösiger laughing. The decisive race of the Swiss trucker was Barcelona 2007, his first start in the Buggyra colours. "In winter I replaced Gerd Körber, who had won two champion titles and was the team icon. I entered a new team, fought with the language barrier, for except for Mario Kress nobody could speak German there. And so I grasped the steering wheel of the truck they gave me and set off. And mainly won the race! Since then everything has been running smoothly."

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