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Petr Bošnakov - 09.07.2020

Big catch for Buggyra

The management team of Buggyra Racing believes in a simple strategy – every strong team can be made even stronger. And that is exactly why they have Tomáš Enge, David Vršecký, Adam Lacko and a couple of talented young guns known as ‘T + A + Y’ (Téo, Aliyyah, Yasmeen). And now, they have also signed Jaroslav Janiš (1983).


Big catch for Buggyra

According to the team boss Martin Koloc, there was never a question whether to hire him. “There are not many drivers in the world who would have experience with Formula 1, Champ Car World Series, Le Mans or FIA F300, and especially in the Czech Republic. So, once we found out that Jaroslav is free, we started our own negotiations,” said Koloc. “We definitely did not sign him just to show that we have him in the team and that we have somebody who used to be an F1 test driver for Prost Acer or Jordan. We’re interested in his opinions, experience as an engineer and driver, what he says about our development or active drivers.”


Jaroslav has learnt about the GT project from Tomáš Enge and because he already worked with Mercedes-AMG GT3 car last year, he immediately felt ready to help with the car. And he confirmed that during an announcement of Buggyra Air project. “It didn’t take very long before I found my position as an engineer and a pilot. It’s logical to combine planes and cars. But, on the other hand, I don’t know any other team that would enter a project like this with such intensity like Buggyra. It’s inspirational to be part of it. Despite the COVID-19 situation has slowed down the project a bit, there are still many possibilities. “I don’t want to talk about specific dates, but we’re currently analysing the best option. However, I hope that we’ll be able to get into it soon. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve always enjoyed testing but racing is something else.”


The first Czech Formula 1 driver, Tomáš Enge, who did 3 races in the most famous racing series in the world, is also delighted about team’s new addition. “Our new team member doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. He has a talent, experience and he is excited about the project. It won’t sound very humble, but I think that with Jaroslav’s help, we can aim high already for the first races.” 

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