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Petr Bosnakov - 28.12.2021

Big loss – Calvet to miss his Dakar debut

The planned line-up of the BUGGYRA ZM Racing team with 2 trucks and 2 Can-Am specials for the 44th edition of Dakar Rally has to change just before the start of the famous event. The talented French driver, who was preparing for his Dakar debut, will not be able to race due to an unfortunate injury, followed by COVID-19. Ignacio Casale with his Tatra truck is not going to have a teammate.


Big loss – Calvet to miss his Dakar debut

Just a week before the start of the race, the Buggyra team faces an unfortunate situation. Téo made his way to Dakar Rally 2022 after successful tests and a 3rd place finish in the Rally Hail International event in December, and even won one of the stages in the Trucks category. “We were working on some changes together; he was so excited about Dakar. On the other hand, he’s such a young guy and I believe that he’s going to take his opportunity next time. But now it’s going to be sad for him,” said the Buggyra’s chief designer David Vršecký.


According to the team principal Martin Koloc, there is no point in thinking about marketing losses caused by Téo’s absence – the first Buggyra Academy driver to participate in Dakar. “What happened – happened. Just before Christmas, he fell during his run in a forest, and he seriously injured his wrist. For this type of injury, there was an idea to give him a special cast and Téo would go for it. However, he also got COVID, and he is now in bed with fevers. I feel sorry for Téo, but that’s how it is sometimes. We have a really strong line-up for Dakar with Macháček, Casale, Al-Saif and that is why I believe in success because both categories are really looking good.”


The COVID also stops Téo from taking part at Dakar Rally 2022 at least as a spectator. “It’s a big shame. Téo was determined to go to Dakar at any cost, in any role, to help the team as much as he could. But you can’t do anything about it. Life goes on. The most important thing for him is to get better and we just have to hope that we took all of our bad luck now, before the Dakar,” added the head of communication Jan Kalivoda.

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