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Petr Bosnakov - 23.04.2021

Biodiesel is not slow…

Finally, it is a turn for trucks, you could say. This year’s first truck testing took place this week. On Wednesday and Thursday, Aliyyah Koloc, Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet all took turns behind the wheel of Buggyra DV50 and Buggyra AK29 specials.


Biodiesel is not slow…

The first testing was focused mostly on getting used to biodiesel, which is a new feature for the upcoming truck racing season. “It’s part of our conception of going green in racing and the result has exceeded all our already optimistic expectations. Téo and Aliyyah have set their personal records, with Adam driving very close to it,” confirmed a chief designer David Vršecký. “We spoke to Robin, and we still have some work to do with engine braking and software. Next week, there is another test at Nogaro, where we’ll be running on biodiesel for the whole weekend. We need to gather some data in warm conditions as well.”


Adam Lacko did not forget how to drive a five-tonne vehicle and he enjoyed being back behind the wheel after a long break. “Luckily, it didn’t rain and while it was a bit colder yesterday than on Wednesday, it was fine. Aliyyah was fast, Téo even a bit faster, and I was able to near my personal best with biodiesel fuel, but I still left something in reserve. Let’s wait and see about Nogaro, it’s a bit different circuit anyway.”


A rare combination of Can-Am DV21, Mercedes-AMG GT3 and Buggyra did not make any problems for Aliyyah Koloc. “I still haven’t had any problems with that. I’m nicely surprised by such a quick time. I’ve indeed been constantly testing or racing since the beginning of the year, but I’m fine. There will be plenty of time to be tired later,” said Aliyyah, who is going to race in the European Truck Racing Championship and the French championship as well.


“It was good. I was really looking forward to Most. Just like Aliyyah, I was nicely surprised by quick times. And the new things, that we worked on over the winter, has proven to work well,” added Téo Calvet. 

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