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Bösiger Second, Vršecký Not Finishing!

Bösiger Second, Vršecký Not Finishing!

In the first cup race in Assen on Sunday Markus Boesiger with his Buggyra ended second after the victorious Antonio Albacete, while David Vršecký did not finish the race due to the explosion of his tyre! The Swiss driver in the Czech team, who also ranked second in the time practice, gave his best performance so far at Assen, with just Antonio Albacete undefeatable for him.

Of course I want to win, but I together with Mario and David am aware that there is always something to improve," said Bösiger after the race, in which he finished with a big loss after the winner, like Vršecký yesterday. "Even if our team has no strategy, we have agreed that there is no point in trying to chase the extremely quick Antonio. That is why I drove at peace for my 15 score points for the second ranking and I want to get ready for the next race as best as I can." David Vršecký was lucky despite his mishap. In the second round his rear tyre literally exploded in one of the quickest sections of the track at the speed of 160 km/hr. "It was a horrible blow. I tried to keep the truck on the road but it was simply impossible however hard I tried," commented David the progress of the event, after which he will start the second cup race from the tenth row. "It will be very hard but I will do my best to end at one of the scored ranks."

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