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Bösiger Successful for the First Time

Bösiger Successful for the First Time

Markus Bösiger turned his eleventh attempt this season in his first victory in the time practice. David Vršecký achieved the fourth best time at the Nürburgring.

The Swiss European champion of 2007 had to fight hard for his first pole position of this season. After the first six rounds the track was dominated by Antonio Albacete and his round times. "I felt that the truck worked up to 100% and that I still had some reserves. That is why I decided to attack at a moment when nobody probably expected that," said the happy Bösiger after the passing the finish line. No trucker was able to respond to his attack any more and so Markus, like in the previous two years, will start tomorrow ´s race from the first position again. David Vršecký was less satisfied with his performance. After holding the second rank for a long time he was eventually overtaken by Hahn first and Bösiger next. "I have already showed better time practices. Last year I also started from the second row and eventually ranked second. I will be happy to repeat the double tomorrow again," commented Vršecký on his performance.

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