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Both Buggyras Scored!

Both Buggyras Scored!

In the handicap race both David Vršecký and Uwe Nittel scored. David ranked fourth and Uwe obtained four points for the seventh ranking.

As a result of the previous happenings the handicap race started ten minutes past the scheduled time. Unlike in the cup race the start in the handicap race did not turn out very well for David. Following a collision with Janiec he dropped from the second to the sixth rank. "Two collisions in one day are annoying, especially on the domestic track. But I could not do anything else but start chasing the truckers in front of me," described David the situation after start. When he successfully overtook two rivals he approached a difficult obstacle represented by Chris Levett. "It is quite difficult to get in front of him, he has been fairly successful recently. In addition I could see his ride was not a sporty one. But I do not want to complain,” said our trucker after the race. But soon after that the track commissioners appeared to hold the same opinion and the Briton was penalized. Therefore David moved to the fourth ranking. He commented on this saying "Every score point counts". Uwe Nittel continued with his stable performance and eventually ranked seventh. He commented on his achievement as follows: "I hold the opinion that nothing is so good that it could not have been better. But I have no reason to be dissatisfied."

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