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Both Buggyras Scored

Both Buggyras Scored

Fifth and seventh ranks were won in the first cup race on the Zolder circuit by Buggyra pilots David Vršecký and Uwe Nittel. David improved his result in the time practice by two ranks.

He started excellently, leaving behind his team mate Nittel. On the other hand the second in the time practice Levett did not manage the start at all and dropped to the fifth rank where he formed an obstacle for David. In the fifth lap the European Champion taught the British pilot a lesson that could be called something like “How to overtake a rival on the outer side”. In the rest of the race Chris had no chance in the duel with David. And thus he again suggested the question why some pilots are unable to repeat a super quick time practice result in the actual race? “It was not so bad in the end. I tried to challenge Albacete, but Antonio is a very experienced driver. It might have been better but I am not complaining,” said David after the race. Even though Uwe Nittel lost his sixth rank in the opening duel with Vršecký, he was happy with the seventh. “I am feeling better and better. Even though I lost with David, I do not regret that. I scored valuable scalps of Lacko and Lvov, which is very pleasing on the other hand," assessed Uwe his performance.

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