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Both Buggyras Scored!

Both Buggyras Scored!

Sixth and eighth rank belonged in the opening cup race at the Spanish circuit in Jarama to Buggyra pilots David Vršecký and Uwe Nittel. David thus defended his position obtained in the super field.

For the whole twelfth laps he them amused the Spanish audience by his duel with Adam Lacko. "I tried to get in front of Adam after start but he is a tough man. A slight contact resulted in one of the curves,” described David the beginning of the race. “I was a little afraid when I remembered the two zeros from Le Mans and so I chose a healthily aggressive tactics with the goal to score some points.” David was eventually happy with the sixth rank. “What can you do! As far as I know my lap times were quicker than Adam ´s, but unfortunately that was not enough.”

Uwe Nittel could also be satisfied. He scored two points in the duel with Janiec for the ninth rank in the overall results. In addition the ranking brought him start from the pole position in the handicap race. "The start was quite successful but there is a lot to improve on my side. On the other hand I think that this was not a bad premiere in Jarama, where I am for the first time in my life,” said Uwe in the pits.

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