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Both Buggyras Scoring

Both Buggyras Scoring

The sixth and the eighth rank belonged to the pilots driving Buggyras at the first cup race of the fifth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship at the German Nürburgring. David started the race from 7th starting position.

But immediately after start his former team mate Markus Bösiger overslept as usual and another former European champion in the Buggyra colours Gerd Körber made use of the situation. The German veteran then defended the sixth rank in front of David for the whole two laps. The rest of the race from the viewpoint of Buggyra was marked by David ´s chasing Adam Lacko. “The truck begins to approach my ideal. In 7th lap I reduced Adam ´s advantage to a mere less than a second. In the final lap we rode bumper by bumper. I steadily achieved better lap times than he. But Adam managed his defensive ride excellently,” described David briefly the progress of the race in the finish. “Regarding the strength of my competitors I am happy with the raking among the best six. I hope to manage even better in the handicap race." Chris Levett started the race from 11th starting position and already ranked 9th after the first lap. Following penalisation of the French pilot Janiec he eventually ranked eighth, which means the best starting position for the handicap race. "I again defeated Janiec, which is very important for the team competition," said Chris after the race. "Considering the pole position I feel my chance to climb the winners´ rostrum after the handicap race."

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