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Bravo David!

Bravo David!

David Vršecký won the third cup race in the Belgian Zolder in the leader-from-start-to-finish manner. Albacete ranked second, and Hahn was third.

Markus Bösiger gave up in the fifth lap after problems with the left rear tyre. Unlike yesterday David started from the second position, defeated in the measured twenty-minute time practice by Antonio Albacete only. After the start David did not give the slightest chance to his Spanish rival and convincingly took the lead. "I do not think Antonio missed anything. I simply started exceptionally well," smiled Vršecký after the race. But the victory was not an easy one, as he subsequently confessed. "I had Antonio behind me virtually all the time. As I was informed in my earphones, only in the ninth lap my advantage reached one second. Despite that I did not have the slightest doubt about my victory.”

Despite having reduced Albacete ´s advantage to the mere nine points David rejected any prognoses before the handicap race. “Yesterday clearly showed how the handicap races can be treacherous. I will do my best and that is all I can do. I hope it will be enough.”

Markus Bösiger performed a decent start and held the fourth ranking until the fifth lap. After that he had to give up for a defect of his left tyre. Jochen Hahn then got in front of him in the overall ranking.

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