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Bravo, David!

Bravo, David!

Following Saturday full of technological failures David Vršecký has performed brilliantly at Zolder today. Even though he ranked seventh in the time practice, he finished the cup race on the excellent third rank, with only Östreich and Albacete being beyond his strength.

David laid the foundation of his success at the start of the race, after which he condemned to the role of statists Lacko, Levett as well as Bösiger (!!!). In the fourth lap the current European Champion overtook Lvov and moved to the third rank. He did not enjoy the success long for in the following curve he lost his duel with Levett. The Briton only held the medal rank for two laps, though, after which the plate with his name appeared in the hands of the circuit commissioners, which meant a drive through the pits. “At that moment I calmed down, for it was clear to me that Chris could not create a sufficient advantage," commented David on further progress of the race. Three laps before the end of the race the English trucker disappeared in the pits and Vršecký moved to the third rank, which he defended till the end. "Yesterday I felt like throwing the towel to the ring and today the winners´ rostrum. This is another thing that is beautiful about our sport. I clearly enjoy the water,” erupted the happy David in the pits. “Eventually I had a little of good luck too”. Uwe Nittel could also be satisfied. He also improved his ranking by three ranks after the start and ended eighth. Uwe Nittel: "After not getting to the super field I am happy about the eighth rank. I will start the handicap race from the first row. I am looking forward already."

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