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Bronze Finish

Bronze Finish

Like in the cup race David Vršecký ranked third also in the final handicap race. The gain of eight score points thus accomplished his very successful Italian mission.

The start was not without problems this time, David could not avoid a collision with Albacete, resulting in his drop to the eighth rank. "In the first place I wanted to finish the race, but the eighth rank would in a sense devalue the previous results. Luckily I had enough time," assessed David the beginning of the race. After that he overtook first Kiss, then Körber and finally Bösiger. In the struggle for the fourth rank he also enjoyed overtaking Albacete. "The start was quite wild, I got stuck after Adam, which Antonio and Jochen made use of. I am glad I could return it to Antonio at least," stated David immediately after the race. At that moment he did not know yet that he would eventually rank before Hahn as well, who was penalized with ten penalty seconds several dozen minutes after the race. "Justice was not blind after all. But anyway following the model of Mr. Nárožný I will request repeated ceremony," laughed David in reaction to the result. Yuri Jegorov did not finish the race this time as in the middle of it he lost a tyre.

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