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Bronze for Vršecký!

Bronze for Vršecký!

The third ranking behind the victorious pair Albacete – Hahn was obtained in the first Sunday cup race by David Vršecký. Markus Bösiger ranked fourth!

Even though David did not repeat his yesterday ´s victory, he must have been satisfied with any place on the winners´ rostrum in the end. The reason is that about twenty meters after the finish his racing special tyre exploded. "I do not know what to add to that. I have been fighting with my tyres since the morning, as they do not like the Most track at all,” said Vršecký before the prize-giving ceremony! In the race itself the first four truckers kept their respective rankings from the time practice. After the time practice Vršecký and Bösiger complained about their front tyres. "In every curve I felt how the tyres slipped, and virtually the same situation repeated itself throughout the cup race. I did my best. But it was not enough for any better ranking than the third," confessed David at a short press conference afterwards. "My yesterday ´s performance was very promising for the spectators, but the victories do not go without saying. I hope I will improve their spirits after the cup race." Markus Bosiger ranked fourth and commented on his performance in the sense that it was the maximum of his current capabilities. "I must concentrate on keeping the third overall ranking and help win the third Constructors´ Cup”, said Markus in reaction to his performance.

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