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Bronze for Vršecký after Chase!

Bronze for Vršecký after Chase!

David Vršecký ranked third in the handicap race, thus obtaining 28 score points and becoming the most successful trucker of the opening racing day in Nogaro. Markus Bösiger was penalised and eventually ranked sixth.

Both Buggyra drivers started the handicap race from the least advantageous fourth row after their double in the full-score cup race. David coped better, finally just finding the victorious Albacete and the second Hahn beyond his strength. The race itself did not begin very optimistically for David, for he unwillingly got into a collision between the team colleagues Hahn and Szobi. David thus dropped to the twelfth rank and passed the finish after the first round on the ninth position following Lvov from Russia. "I received information that Antonio was leaving the rest of the racing field. It was necessary to get as close to him as possible”, commented Vršecký on the opening stage of the race. And as the same philosophy was also shared by Bösiger and Hahn, the strong trio reached the second Allgauer at the beginning of the last third of the race. In the last round the Austrian and the Swiss got into a collision to the benefit of Hahn and Vršecký, who peacefully finished the race and won positions on the winners´ rostrum. "I am not in a position to assess the collision. Perhaps just that Egon must have known that we was not able to defeat us. I am glad for the points, I reduced Antonio ´s advantage by six points and increased my score in comparison to Markus by eight points. I would like to continue in this way." Markus Bösiger ended fifth, but after a second of penalisation dropped down by one ranking. He refused to talk about the race.

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