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Bronze Handicap Race!

Bronze Handicap Race!

Just Antonio Albacete and Jochen Hahn could not be surpassed by David Vršecký in the handicap race. The advantage of the defender of last year ´s champion title over his rival Albacete therefore amounts to three score points now.

Markus Bösiger finished sixth. If Albacete did not manage the first cup race start very well, then he immediately reacted to the lights and ranked second after Hahn as soon as after the first curve. Then he had no problem with overtaking his brand colleague in the fifth lap. "I have no reason to cry but nevertheless Jochen is able to drive up to his limits and last year he won the Sunday cup race here. Today he suddenly slowed down incredibly, let Antonio overtake him and then accelerated again,” said Vršecký after the race. "We agreed before the start that the most important thing was to finish the race, to avoid collisions and to continue forward as possible.”

David fulfilled the policy absolutely, riding right behind Hahn before the finish. “However, Jochen was excellent and I did not feel like any big action. Today my overall victory by three points makes me much satisfied,” said David after the race. Markus Bösiger also tried to improve his overall championship ranking, but his overtaking manoeuvres were “thwarted” by Levett.

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